The Monkey Boyz Club
So yes, i need to present the shiz...ok, so we are in LFS drift scene since 2008...which is kinda old now...well it's not bad. 

This club is born from a skin for the well known XRT which included some monkeyz in i said:
"hum i like the result, i can maybe share it with some good BROTHAZ!"

And here we are!

the MBC is a club of good friends and only for's not like a team, i mean, not at all.

But it doesn't mean that we don't have skillz,
The first and most important aim of that club is  to speak with the others to create a real friendship which goes over the simple fact of playing at LFS.
Finally it's a familly affair...not so restricted, but with serious mates having some decent reputation in the game and in real life...
We just want some good sideways, beers, tones of  laugh and a massive amount of fun...well, some Bananas too.

The 2nd goal of that club is to share our skins...
i'm kinda known for making decent ones...and almost all the current members are...well, excellent!
So, this club could look like a skin club, but well it's more than that...i think you got the thing ;)
Those things make the club "exclusive",  so don't share the club skins with strangers...never accept candies from strangers too...we never know. 



Thanks for your interest and have a nice day.